PA2004_113_b.jpg Game, Board (about 1960s). Thos Holdsworth & Sons Ltd, Dudley Bain. Collection of Puke Ariki (PA2004.113).

The board game 'Educational Tour of New Zealand' was introduced in the 1950s and sold by the thousands until production ceased in the early 1980s. The simple game was one of a series created by Auckland manufacturer Thos Holdsworth & Sons and the board was designed by Christchurch artist Dudley Bain. With the Union Jack fluttering over Auckland and the 'Flying Boat' sitting proudly on the water the game's art gives a glimpse of 1950s New Zealand.

Taranaki is given a prominent spot but New Plymouth is a place to avoid for those wanting to win. Players who land here have to roll a six to leave. In the interests of provincial rivalry it is also worth noting visitors to Palmerston North are forced to advance straight to Wellington. Some might say this was wise advice.

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