Located in the military cemetery on McLean Street in Waitara, this memorial plaque or tablet records the names of the five Waitara servicemen who served in the South African War (also known as the Second Anglo-Boer War) fought between 1899 and 1902. All five men survived the conflict. A silver fern badge with the letters 'NZ' has been carved beneath the names.

This tablet was erected to commemorate the services rendered to the Empire in the SOUTH AFRICAN WAR of 1900-1902 by our fellow townsmen whose names are subscribed hereto

Troopers W.T. Joll, G. Thornton, 4th Contingent; Troopers G.J. Johnston, A.W. Johnston, V. Rhodes, 6th Contingent [Actually 5th Contingent]


1570 Joll, William Torrie - 4th Contingent. Also served in WWI as a Captain with the Wellington Mounted Rifles. Died on 3 July 1946 in Waitara.

1571 Thornton, George - 4th Contingent. Also served in WWI with the Wellington Infantry Battalion. Died on 25 June 1946 in New Plymouth.

2688 Johnston, Gilbert John - 5th Contingent. Also served in WWI but died of disease at Gallipoli on 30 August 1915.

2687 Johnston, Arthur William - 5th Contingent. Died on 23 January 1942 in Waitara.

2704 Rhodes, Norman Vernon - 5th Contingent. Died on 28 March 1939 in Auckland.


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Reception of returned troopers (Taranaki Herald 22 July 1901)


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