The Bird Road War Memorial plaque in Stratford commemorates the men of the Bird and Skinner Road Districts who served in the First World War. The design featured two crossed rifles and the names of five dead.

Since being unveiled on the grounds of Bird Road School on 15 April 1921, the memorial has been lowered to ground level with the pillars having been shortened from their original 3m height. After the school closed in 1997, the structure was moved from inside the grounds to the roadside. 


For King and Country / Roll of honour erected by the settlers of Bird and Skinner Road district / in honour of their men who fought in the Great War 1914 -1918

Pvt I. Blackstock / Pvt F. P. McCulloch / Rflmn A. D. Ellis killed in action / Gnr G. V. W. Falder died of sickness.


Sergt Mjr A. A. McQueen / Sergt D. S. McKinley / Corp W. Blackstock / Corp W. McKinley / Pvt E. A. Bonner / Pvt H. G. A. Neilson / Pvt T. E. Bennetts / Pvt N. E. Neilson / Pvt F. Doherty / Pvt H. A. Neilson / Pvt J. G. Falder / Pvt D. Quayle / Pvt A. J. Garlick / Pvt J. D. Rowe / Pvt C. Garlick / E. G. Tichbone {Killed in action} / Pvt H. Hansen / Pvt W. T. Webb / Pvt D. McLeod Killed in Action
Rflmn A. L. Kivell / Rflmn E. G. Felton / Rflmn L. E. Hann / Rflmn N. E. McQueen / Rflmn W. H. Johnson / Rflmn J. Reynolds / Rflmn S. Reynolds / Tpr G. R. Coleman / Tpr W. H. Seabright / Tpr A. G. L. Lyford / Tpr J. E. Willis / Gnr A. W. McLeod


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