This memorial cross honours the members of the Ararātā community who served in the First World War, and includes the names of ten dead. Designed in the form of a Celtic cross, it was made of green granite by Jones Brothers, monumental masons in Hāwera.

The memorial is located on the grounds of the now-closed Ararātā School and was unveiled on 8 December 1919 by Mayor of Hāwera Edwin Dixon.


Front face inscription (upper):

To the glorious dead / erected by / the settlers of Ararata / to the glory of God / and in honour of the men / from this district who gave / their lives and those who / served in the Great War / 1914-1919

Front face inscription (lower):

They laid down their lives for their friends

F. Bird / F. Close / J. Close / C. Clothier / E. Jensen, M.M. / P. S. Livermore / W. Murray / W. C. Porter / O. Sanders / A. Tarrant

Right side:

Lest We Forget

Miss Ballantine / Sister McGregor / J. F. Barkla / S. Barkla / W. Casson / J. Davison L Cpl [Lance Corporal] / H. Dawson / J. Dawson / H. Habgood / E. Hannah / J. Ilton / P. Joblin, M.M. / H. James / T. Leggott / S. G. Larcom / W. MacKenzie

Left side:

We Will Remember Them

J. Milne / A. O. Nickel L. Cpl / G. Ogle / M. Ogle / O. Reid Sergt / S. F. Reid / W. R. Saunders / L. C. Storm / J. Sullivan / R. Stanton / M. T. Saywell / S. Tarrant / C. C. Tarrant / D. Thompson, Sergt D.CM. M.M. / H. Jones / O. J. Willis Lieut.

1939 - 1945

A. Tarrant / G. Winks / H. Hawkins-Borley / W. Jackson / *W. Doole / *R. I. Hill / T. Hamilton / R. Wipani / F. Edgecombe / F. Brooks / J. O'Connell / S. Spiers / N. Hunter, M.M. / J. Miles / *M. Midgely / A. Warren / M. Tocker / K. Ogle / J. Young / E. Nosen / B. Pearce 

* For King & Country




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War memorial unveiling ceremony at Ararata (Hawera & Normanby Star 9 December 1919)


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