Located on the corner of Liardet and Courtenay Streets, Whiteley Memorial Methodist Church was built on the same site as the original Whiteley Memorial Church, which was destroyed by fire in 1959. The name commemorates the Reverend John Whiteley who commissioned the first Christian mission in Taranaki at Ngāmotu in 1839. He was killed on 13 February 1869 at Parininihi (White Cliffs).

The foundation stone for the present church was laid on 16 September 1961 by the Rev W.H. Greenslade. The church was opened and dedicated on 19 October 1963.

The architect was F. John Bowering in association with Abbott, Hole and Annabell of Auckland. The structural engineers were Brodie and Thomson, New Plymouth. The contractors were Chas S. Limey and Co. Ltd. and the contract price £57,400.

The New Plymouth District Council's 1995 C.B.D. Heritage Study is clear that it has high value as a building of the, "modern period, breaking with tradition to find an appropriate form for present-day worship".

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