Situated on four acres just outside of Stratford, Hathaway House was built in 1896 for a Mr Webster, possibly local auctioneer Frederick William Webster.

With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, servants’ quarters and stables, the property is said to have been home to some memorable parties in the early days.

By 1925 it was owned by Joe Keller, who sold it to Alfred and Belle Barlow in 1936. Their family kept the house until 1973 when Kip Harris bought and renamed it Kija Lodge. Stratford veterinarians Dermot and Caroline Byrne purchased the house in the late 1970s but sold it to Merv Hitchcock around 1980.

From 2005 Bert Van Veen operated a bed and breakfast from Hathaway House, as well as running several successful “Jazz on the Lake” festivals and hosting weddings and other private events on the grounds.

The property was purchased by Judith and Wayne Gilmer around 2009. They initially ran it as a bed and breakfast and wedding venue but as of August 2021 the homestead was permanently closed.

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