This single-storey building on the corner of Fenton and Juliet Streets was built in 1926-27 for the wine & spirit merchants, D.J.Malone & Co. 

It was designed by notable Stratford architect, John D. Healy. The Stratford Evening Post announced the news of the new building on 21 August 1926 and tenders were called for two days later. Healy made provision in the design for a second storey if needed at a later date. The building included a warehouse, bottling store, cordial factory and offices. It was later reported (Stratford Evening Post, 30 September 1926 p.6) that the cost of the building was estimated to be £3,300.  

The business was established in 1898 by Mr H.N.(Harry Norman) Liardet, with Mr D.J. Malone taking control not long after. The company expanded steadily and the new building commissioned in 1926 was a result of this growth. As well as wine & spirits, the company manufactured aerated waters, cordials and had the licence to bottle McGavin's ales and stouts. 

In 1965 the company merged with the New Plymouth firm Pike and Waters to become the Western Bottling Company. In 2004 the building was occupied by George Brothers Towing. (Shakespearean town under the mountain: a history, David Walters, 2005)

Presently (2020) occupied by Stratford Mowers & Chainsaws. 

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