This two-storey concrete building in Stratford's main street was erected in 1926 for a syndicate of business owners trading as Broadway Buildings Ltd.

A block of shops on the same site, also owned by the syndicate, was destroyed by fire in September 1925. Early the following year the site was cleared and work began on the present building. Mr J.D. Healy was the architect and the contactor was Mr J.W. Boon. The ground floor housed three shops and the upper floor was divided into offices, including a boardroom for company meetings.

The Stratford Evening Post reported on 18 October 1926 that the butcher, Mr W.Cannon, had opened for business in the new building and that, "The whole place is distinctly creditable to the proprietor and a tribute to it's enterprise."

However, it was also reported in November that the building was not yet complete and ready to be handed over to the owners. Cook and Lister, saddlers and sports good specialists, moved into one of the ground floor shops in December 1926.


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