ARC2012_078a.jpg Advance New Plymouth [magazine] (about 1950). Collection of Puke Ariki (ARC2012-078).

"Blessed is New Plymouth which can offer to the millions of lucky visitors who frequent our city streets each year, accommodation and refreshment comparable with that of any country in the world, south of Invercargill" mocked the magazine Advance New Plymouth on accommodation provided in the city. 

Advance New Plymouth appears to be a one-off 72 page satirical commentary on the lack of advancement in New Plymouth. The absence of a New Plymouth town hall, the Ngāmotu beach Sound Shell and problems with various other aspects of the town’s architecture come under particularly scornful scrutiny from the quick-witted author and cartoonist. Alongside wry articles and caustic cartoons are satirical, scathing advertisements for local businesses. The magazine is thought to have been published circa 1950. Those credited include "Advertising Manager, Eric (The Little) Martagh; Contact Manager, Erin (Incognito) Kivell; Editor, Muggins Mustang (The Lone Suffering); Sub-Editor, Honest Hal (Honest? Hell!!); Publishers: Birdcage, Tinwhistle and Incorrigible (Unlimited); Photos by, Brandin' Iron (Bar 20 N.P.)". Little is known about the people behind these pseudonyms, although it may be that "Erin (Incognito) Kivell" was Douglas Nankivell who worked as a cartoonist for the Taranaki Herald and Dominion newspapers.

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