The original portion of this home is in the distinctive 'saltbox style' and is thought to have been constructed in the 1860s or 1870s - originally with vertical board and batten cladding. 

Section 88 of Oakura Rural District was originally granted to John ? in October 1868, but before the grant was issued, it was purchased by 'Dingle' in 1866, and on-soon sold to 'Rodgerson' in August 1867. In 1891 the property was leased to George William Wareham, who purchased the farm a few years later in 1895. 

The Wareham's previously resided in the present villa at 976 South Road, Oākura (constructed in 1883), and were extensively involved in the Ōkato and Oākura communities. Prior to the Wareham's leaving for Woodville in 1907, the community put on a social at the Oākura Hall to show their gratitude for their hard work over the years.   

See Taranaki Land Deed Index I6, p.30


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