Glen_Stuart1.jpg Glen Stuart. Mike Gooch (2013).

This house in Bracken Street was built about 1912-13 for New Plymouth businessman Charles Stuart Curtis. At the time the road was known as Glen Road - the name changed to Bracken in the early 1920s.

It was designed by the Stratford architect Mr. J. D. Healy. The choice of Healy was likely a reflection of the many years Charles Curtis had spent in business in Stratford. The house featured prominently in a full-page montage of "beautiful homes of New Plymouth" in the Auckland Weekly News. (Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections AWNS-19140226-41-1)

The author Helen Brown was brought up in the house and reminisced about her upbringing there in a Taranaki Herald article in 1987

When the house was advertised for sale in 1978 it was described as containing two self-contained units - "easily converted into a five bedroomed home."

The house sold for $50,000 to Peter and Jocelyn Rich who still own the house (2023).

Category A Heritage Building - N.P.D.C. District Plan.

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See Taranaki Land Deeds Index I14, page 826; also, Deeds Plans 26 and 45.

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