Honeyfield_Gates.jpg Te Henui Cemetery Gates, Mike Gooch (2012)

The cemetery gates at Te Henui were built in 1924 at the request of former resident and benefactor Mrs Alice Honeyfield (then living in Sydney).

In August 1923 her accountant wrote to the Town Clerk of the New Plymouth Borough with an offer to provide ornamental gates to be erected at the entrance to Te Henui Cemetery.

The well-known architectural firm Messenger, Griffiths and Taylor were engaged to design the entrance and the construction was completed by J T Julian & Son Ltd. (Manager F W Whitaker) at a cost of £166.00. A newspaper report in May 1924 indicates that Mr Griffiths (also a town councillor) was primarily responsible for the design (free of charge) and supervised the construction.

Once completed, a letter of thanks, along with two photographs, was sent to Mrs Honeyfield.

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