Queen_Street_kerbstones_2016.jpg Queen Street kerbstones (2016). Hamish Crimp.

Prior to the widespread use of concrete in kerb construction, stone was the preferred material. The section of kerb located on the eastern side of Queen Street, next to the White Hart, is the only surviving section of kerb constructed from local Taranaki andesite in New Plymouth. 

It is possible the kerb was constructed around 1901 when the verandah was added to the White Hart - although the stones may have been hewn at an earlier point and reused. These stones may also have been hewn by New Plymouth prisoners sentenced to hard labour in the prison quarry.

Whilst New Plymouth's original kerb stones have been removed from city streets - many can now be found in Pukekura Park where they have been re-used in a number of features - such as the steps directly in front of the waterfall.

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