Tenders for construction of the Makara bridge in reinforced concrete at Waitui were called in December 1919

By early 1920 the Daily News reported that "The contractor (Mr C E Roebuck) is making good progress with the construction of the Makara reinforced concrete bridge. That Mr Roebuck thoroughly understands this kind of work is demonstrated by the good work put in the one just completed over the Kurapete stream, on the Everett Road...."  (Taranaki Daily News, 16 February 1920)

The shortage of cement was commented on by the Moa Road Board's engineer and that 25 tons were needed to complete the bridge.

It was reported by the Taranaki Daily News (4 May 1921) that the final cost of the bridge was over £1,000.

The bridge today (2015) has had the caps on the pillars - as seen on the Kurapete bridge - removed. 

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