This memorial to Lajos "Loui" Kuthy (1924 - 2004) is located near the Ngāmotu Marine Park Display Centre, Oceanview Parade. It was unveiled on 12 August 2007 before a gathering of friends and family. It is made from a propeller from one of Mr Kuthy's boats and was made by his son, Peter Trapp. 

On the same day his ashes were scattered at sea.

For more about his remarkable life please see the related documents below. 

Plaque Reads:

In Loving Memory


Loui Kuthy

Born Szegard Hungary 21-7-1924

Died New Plymouth 17-3-2004

Loui fished these waters for over forty years. He

set out to sea in fair weather and foul, battling

the elements to bring in the catch of the day.

A truly unique character whose exploits on

both land and sea were many and legendary.

Isten Veled Lagos

Norman McLeod       Geneva May

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