The Kibby Carillon is located on the summit of Pukaka Pā-Marsland Hill.

It was donated to the city by George Kibby in memory of his late wife Mabel. It is made up of 37 bells and was built by a Dutch company, Eljsbouts Bellfoundry Ltd. The bells range from 3ft (0.9m) in diameter, weighing over 800lbs (363kgs) down to a nine-inch bell weighing only 3lbs (1.4kgs). The total weight of the bells is 5587lbs (2534kgs). Each bell carries an inscription or motif.

The carillon was described by one of the directors of the Dutch company in 1970 as "a musical instrument with three would have two keyboards - one for hard play and one for soft play, and could be played either with pre-cut tapes, much in the fashion of the player-type piano or using the keyboard like an organ".

The carillon was first played in May 1971 by the late Ray Ashworth.

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