This prominent two-storey building is located on the corner of Bridge Street and Stanners Street. It was erected in 1910 for A.C. (Arthur Clifford) Pease and J.F. (Joseph Frederick) Pease. It was designed by J.W. Rough of the firm Rough & Duffill, who had offices in both Hāwera and Eltham. DP2934 produced in February 1910 for the two men (and others) includes the site and a substantial subdivision north along Stanners Street.  

Russell Standish, in his book Eltham: One Hundred Years (1984), states that this was the first building outside Europe to be built with a suspended floor. Apparently a permit was issued on the condition that if the floor failed a loading test it would have to be demolished. The test attracted great interest and fortunately for the owners, the building passed. 

According to the entry for the building in the Eltham Heritage Inventory the building's first occupant on the ground floor was Mr. H.G. (Henry George) Carman who ran a library, book, toy and fancy goods shop until his death in 1938. The business then continued with his daughters in charge until the late 1960s. 

Among the other businesses/activities to be carried out in the building since 1910 are: a clothing factory, farm machinery, gymnasium, air raid shelter (WWII), rifle range (basement) and a home for a youth group. (Source: Eltham Heritage Inventory)

Joseph Frederick Pease died suddenly the year after the building was erected and Arthur Clifford Pease died at the age of 80, in 1940. 

(Plans held by Puke Ariki ARC2004-1401)

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Shops and Offices Bridge and Stanners St's for Messrs A. C. & J. F. Pease [plans]


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